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Emerald Acres provides the expertise and service necessary to develop and maintain a beautiful emerald green landscape. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, and are ready to tackle any turf problem you may have. Because each lawn has it’s own idiosyncrasies, it is important that each lawn is consistently serviced by the same technician. By doing so, we will know your lawn and where special attention is needed.

   Our annual service programs include pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, surface insecticide, grub control, soil conditioning and complete fertilization. Service calls and touch up treatments are made at no additional charge. Our programs are backed up with every specialty lawn care control available in the industry and the knowledge and time to use them. We do not cut corners and we do not cost more. Imagine what a beautfiul lawn can do for you: increased property value, admirations from your friends and neighbors, and, most importantly your own personal satisfaction.

   For more information, call us at (978) 897-0011 or click the link below to fill out our information request form, and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate at no cost to you!

“Emerald Acres is great! Fast turn-around, friendly staff, and decent pricing.”

– Sara L.

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