In 2004, Emerald Acres successfully expanded it’s service line to include Pest Control.  We now treat household pests, including crawling insects, flying insects, rodents, and termites.  Our service provides everything a big name franchise bug company would, with the comfort of working with a locally owned and operated organization that has your best interests in mind.

Whether it’s a raccoon in your chimney, bats in your belfry, or ants in your pantry, Emerald Acres will be there for you.  Tough problems with bed bugs, termites, roaches, or powder post beetles are our specialty.  Now you can employ one company for all your needs: critter control, pest control, lawn care and tree care, all perfromed with the same great customer service and attention to detail.  We also provide VA FHA home inspections if you are buying or selling a house.

The most economical way to keep your home free of pests is to employ our Home Protection Plan.  For the cost of one or two individual pest control treatments, you can get a complete home-wide protection plan.  For instance: Eliminating a single carpenter ant infestation, or treating both a bee problem and a mouse infestation would equal the cost of a complete maintenance plan.

After an initial thorough inspection, we return three times per year at a time convenient for you.  During each visit, we inquire about insect activity, inspect your property, and apply controls to keep insects out.  Service calls are always free of charge, as are additional treatments to eradicate all listed pests, including ants, bees, mice, and roaches.

There are a few pests which are not easily controlled and are not part of our Home Protection Plan.  These include Termites, Bed Bugs, and Powder Post Beetles.  Each of these requires specialized techniques and much more time to treat, necessitating an additional charge.

For more information, call us at (978) 897-0011 or click the link below and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate at no cost to you!

“Emerald Acres is great! Fast turn-around, friendly staff, and decent pricing.”

– Sara L.

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