Tick & mosquitos

Eliminate Ticks And Mosquitos From Your Yard!

Emerald Acres has developed a very effective strategy to provide long-term control of ticks and mosquitos. Our new tick and mosquito program protects your pets and family from the very real threat of disease, while providing a much more enjoyable environment for your favorite outdoor activities.

By employing our large tree sprayers, we provide an absolutely unparalleled control! Other mosquito control companies have sprung up recently, and many pest control services have added mosquito control as a sideline as well. Most of these companies are using backpack sprayers to deliver their products. Emerald Acres has the advantage of using large tree sprayers, which are capable of reaching deep into the woods and well up into the upper branches of trees. There is just no comparison between the two! Our mosquito control has the supplemental benefit of controlling ticks for the entire summer and will supress all leaf feeding insects to provide a great benefit to your trees health as well.

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